The secret to getting in the media

The top 5 ways to get what you do in the media.

One of the most common questions people working in education, charities and communities ask is “How do we get what we do in the media… They just don’t seem interested?”

Actualy, the answer is quite simple. You must know what the media likes. And that is – stories.

Just like small children like to be told facinating stories before they go to sleep, the media likes to hear facinating stories before they go to air or print.

It’s not that they’re not intersted in you, it’s just the way they like to hear it.

So, if you want the media to take an interest in you or what you’re doing and tell everyone about it, you simply need to value that like a little child, they like to be told stories.

Here are five of their favourite kinds of stories:

1. Current stories. Are you doing something that relates to what the media is currently talking about?

2. Controversial stories. Not for everyone, but the media love it. Do you know something that would cause controversy if the public heard about it?

3. Shocking stories. “92 percent of the 12 year-old black boy’s we work with have been stopped and searched by the police for knives in the past 12 months.” Shocking stories or statistics will get you in the media.

4. Celebrity stories. Have you had celebrity support? Get it and the media will be all ears.

5. Bullying stories. Are you being picked on by the government or a big organisation? The media loves to take the side of the little guy and tell their side of the story.


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